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Lead with Gravitas

Acquire the skills and methodologies to lead with gravitas through a technology of behavior, a science of behavior that has been the one missing ingredient in our culture; the toughest one because it opposes the way that most people think about themselves. By examining human behavior in the same manner as any other physical phenomenon (physics, chemistry or biology) we can better understand the factors responsible for shaping our attitudes and our conducts.

We will uncover together the secrets of organizations built to last. Where teams find new solutions, adapt and communicate efficiently without focusing on hierarchy. Learn how to create the environment where teams co-produce, collectively develop future talent and together resist downturns. Steer collective genius and collaborative intelligence. Empower individual identities while inspiring actions for common and collective interest.

Hive Leadership Program

Build the spirituality, intelligence and power to create results and influence lasting impact

Leading = Loving

3h Discussion
  • The bee leadership model
  • With powerful life lessons
  • To build organizations that last
  • Inspire individual actions for change
  • Lead is to believe

Lead With Gravitas

6 Mos. Coaching
  • Hero’s path, totally transformative!
  • The champion within emerges
  • Make the big leap
  • Unify & galvanize people
  • Lead with gravitas


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